3 Home Improvement Projects for the Pandemic and Beyond

admin 16/12/2021

Image via Pexels Today’s homes do more. When the coronavirus pandemic triggered lockdowns, our homes also became our offices, classrooms, playgrounds, fitness centers, and more. We got creative with makeshift solutions and dove into DIY with enthusiasm. Now, with another year behind us, those DIY solutions are feeling more clunky than creative. With work-from-home, dining in, and other pandemic changes here to stay, you’re ready to let Huniedo help you invest in professional upgrades that maximize your home’s livability for the long term. 4 ways the coronavirus pandemic changed home design The pandemic changed a lot of things, including what we want from our homes. Here are four home trends that emerged during the pandemic. Adaptable layouts Families are moving away from open floor plans towards layouts with privacy. Adaptable layouts offer the best of both worlds with the ability to transform open spaces into dedicated rooms. Wellness Families are

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Running a Successful Construction Business in a World Emerging from a Pandemic

admin 02/08/2021

Image via Unsplash If you had designs to become a business owner in construction before the pandemic, those ambitions may have withered away during the lockdown and the months of social distancing, masking, and vaccinations. With the world easing toward something that resembles the new normal, you may feel it’s an ideal time to get back to your dreams. Keep these insights from Huniedo in mind to build a company that accounts for the slew of changes we’ve seen and continue to see. Focus on Crafting a Durable Online Brand Identity If you want to launch a company that typically interacts with customers face to face, consider focusing on implementing a powerful digital brand identity. Besides creating a user-friendly online experience, also concentrate on delivering useful, educational content on your digital platforms. The goal is to answer customer questions and address their needs. Make Your Business Official When you start a

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How to Pay for Expensive Home Repairs

admin 15/06/2021

Photo via Pexels How to Pay for Expensive Home Repairs No homeowner likes thinking about major home repairs. The unfortunate truth is that many expensive home repairs are unavoidable. Whether it’s an emergency maintenance issue or a home feature that’s reaching the end of its lifespan, covering the costs of major repairs can cause some serious financial stress. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you prevent and plan for major home repairs. For example, you can use huniedo to find local tradespeople and get quotes on your repair projects! Here are some other resources to keep in your toolkit. Common Big-Ticket Repairs Educate yourself about the high-cost repairs you may need to make while living in your home. Know what to expect so you can start saving! Upgrades to get your home in shape for sale, like flooring and window replacements, can be expensive. Major

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