3 Home Improvement Projects for the Pandemic and Beyond

admin 16/12/2021

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Today’s homes do more. When the coronavirus pandemic triggered lockdowns, our homes also became our offices, classrooms, playgrounds, fitness centers, and more. We got creative with makeshift solutions and dove into DIY with enthusiasm.

Now, with another year behind us, those DIY solutions are feeling more clunky than creative. With work-from-home, dining in, and other pandemic changes here to stay, you’re ready to let Huniedo help you invest in professional upgrades that maximize your home’s livability for the long term.

4 ways the coronavirus pandemic changed home design

The pandemic changed a lot of things, including what we want from our homes. Here are four home trends that emerged during the pandemic.

  • Adaptable layouts

Families are moving away from open floor plans towards layouts with privacy. Adaptable layouts offer the best of both worlds with the ability to transform open spaces into dedicated rooms.

  • Wellness

Families are cooking, exercising, and overall spending more time at home. As a result, they want homes that promote good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Outdoor living

Families are also spending more time outdoors and bringing the outside in. The flow between indoor and outdoor spaces will be a major focus moving forward.

  • Sustainability

Australians are paying attention to how purchases align with their personal values and going out of their way to support local and choose sustainable materials.

How to upgrade your home for the pandemic and beyond

How can you embrace these trends in your own home? Here are three projects for a more functional, livable home.

1. Close an open-concept floor plan

Tired of your open-concept home? You don’t have to move to get the privacy you crave. Freestanding cabinetry, partition screens, room dividers, and privacy curtains create closeable rooms without major renovations. For a more permanent solution, hire a builder to install a wall, peninsula, or glass panels. Pay attention to room proportions and window and door placement when deciding where to place a partition wall.

2. Install an outdoor living area

Homeowners are installing glass doors to create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, but what if your backyard is a blank slate? An empty backyard is full of possibilities, but it’s important to consider unity, balance, and proportion as well as natural elements like light and shade when planning an outdoor living space. A professional landscape designer is a worthy investment for this project. A landscape designer can create a 3D rendering with design recommendations to help you visualize your space and provide a blueprint for installation.

3. Add a multi-purpose flex space

By now, you’ve hopefully stopped working at the kitchen table and have dedicated a room to your home office. However, we’re doing so much more than working at home these days. Create a flex area with multi-functional storage for exercise equipment, toys, books, craft supplies, and whatever else you need. Built-in storage is the key to a clutter-free flex room. You can even commission a cabinet maker for custom built-ins with beds and desks that hide away when not in use.

Hiring help? Read this first

Home improvements are an investment. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on poor-quality work. When hiring local tradespeople, it’s important to choose someone qualified for the job and not based on price alone. Remember: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

A builder should have easy-to-understand pricing, responsive communication, and a guarantee on services provided. Always check a builder or tradesperson’s license online before hiring. Not sure where to start? Huniedo makes it easy to find and book licensed local tradespeople. With an advanced search of verified tradespeople in your area, Huniedo helps you support locals while shopping smart.

Your home is more than a place to rest your head. It’s the foundation for a healthy, active life. As we move forward through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, make sure your house offers the everyday livability your family needs by investing in home improvement with Huniedo’s network of local builders and tradespeople.

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